Preventative Care at JNT Dental

Staying on Top of Your Oral Health

Our routine preventative care procedures at JNT Dental include:

  • Cleanings - We perform routine removal of potentially damaging particles and plaque. We also advise patients about how to keep their teeth clean and how to cut down on bacteria in the mouth, such as through correct brushing, flossing, and use of products such as Oxyfresh. Our goal is to help you keep your teeth clean, healthy, and beautiful!
  • Preventative healthcare - We examine our patients so we can detect any problems related to their oral health. When you come in for your six-month dental hygiene appointment, we use a device called the Velscope to search for signs of oral cancer, and we will also perform any necessary radiographs. Regular examinations and screenings are crucial for catching health issues at their early stages.

Putting Our Patients at Ease

Aside from all of Dr. Tregaskes many specialties, we also do preventative care and maintenance. Our hygienist, Lee Daniel, who’s been practicing hygiene for over 17 years, is an expert at handling those overly nervous patients and folks with extreme jaw or facial pain. You’re welcome to listen to music, wrap up in a blanket or even use nitrous oxide if you’re anxious about your appointment!

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